We’re community service media.

BreakingMontgomeryNews is a city in The Breaking News Network.

The Breaking News Network delivers social media sourced news and information to over 350 cities and neighborhoods worldwide. We curate and publish the most interesting media feeds in each city to create an aggregate real time ticker tape of literally everything happening in a city. Every city’s WordPress based website broadcasts more than just the usual daily news; it curates news by category: Things to Do, Sports, Food, Culture, etc. so users can find breaking news by topic of interest. We utilize the curation and presentation tools by Rebelmouse to display content in a visual format. We deliver localized news streams through Twitter and Facebook for each city and have amassed over 400,000 fans of real time local content.

Here are ways we serve communities.

We support local civic groups, good causes and arts organizations by getting their word out to our communities. We provide free access to our 300+ Twitter feeds via a unique Twitter Retweet system. We create national campaigns and build brand advocate networks for good causes. We create unique ways for our readers to interact with their local institutions, like the National Aquarium and Chicago’s International Beethoven Festival. We cover critical events like Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012 drawing from the most interesting national media to keep our readers updated. Read our blog for more descriptions of projects.

Want to know more? Just ask at “thebreakingnewsnetwork@gmail.com”.