We’re a new kind of digital PR and news syndication agency that leverages bonafide news to propagate movements, ideas and causes that benefit society. We work with nonprofits, movements and good causes to get their messaging into the news cycle using the Breaking News Network, uniquely the largest and most comprehensive online local news network today covering over 400 cities since 2009.

Using the Breaking News Network, we’ve developed a unique social media approach that syndicates news and messaging relevant to our clients’ missions across our 400 trusted online local news channels, with an aggregate 1.5 million followers. Breaking news is received by news consumers far more credibly than traditional advertising or marketing that trigger consumer’s “this is an ad” radar.

Through our “Breaking News” campaigns, we’ve:

  • Moved the needle for environmental ballot measures in California.
  • Amplified hundreds of diverse voices on immigration reform across 100 cities during Election 2016.
  • Built a national conversation about affordable housing.

Our model is simple, we charge only for confirmed clickthroughs to a link, that’s all. Never any extraneous fees.

We’ve nailed a key part of the media distribution solution that no other online media can offer, and we offer it at the most competitive price point we can (our clients say it’s a fraction of what they spend for social media ads because they don’t charge on confirmed clickthroughs or other metrics, you roll your dice).

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